RE: [asa] Yes -- the YECs are still winning

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Mar 30 2009 - 14:32:26 EDT

Concerning Coope's comparison of the controversy about geocentrism with that over an ancient earth in recent years, I see the same parallel myself and have long taught my students on the assumption of a considerable overlap in the views of the Bible and of science in each instance. I could elaborate on this at great length, but to save time and energy I will simply mention that an essay on an aspect of this, which I wrote with my former student Elizabeth Chmielewski, has just appeared. “Galileo and the Garden of Eden: Historical Reflections on Creationist Hermeneutics.” In Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions: 1700-Present, ed. Jitse M. van der Meer and Scott H. Mandelbrote, 2 vols. (Leiden and Boston: Brill Academic Publishers, 2008), vol. 2, pp. 437-64.

I am willing to send the pdf to interested persons, for private use only.


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