Re: [asa] Yes -- the YECs are still winning

From: dawson wayne <>
Date: Sun Mar 29 2009 - 22:18:01 EDT

 2009/2/7 Dehler, Bernie <>

> Bottom line- if this is a science group- then why tolerate those who reject
> the obvious science of an ancient earth? It is a travesty to science, just
> as accepting a Mormon would violate the Christian aspect. Why is the
> Christian aspect being upheld so dutifully but not the science side?
> I think the ASA may be maturing to now take this step. It is experience in
> the ASA dealing with these issues as well as new DNA evidence that can now
> make the ASA secure in a wholesale rejection of a young earth. (When ASA
> was new and younger, it had to "find itself." Now a lot of water has
> traveled under the bridge and things are better known.) If the ASA were to
> reject a young earth, it could send shock waves through the church- but that
> would be good. The corresponding rubble is deserved. Churches will be
> slapped-in-the-face (or have cold-water thrown on them) to wake them up.
I also feel a lot of emotional frustration and hand wringing when Burgy
sends these "reminders". Even without them, I can recall times where
I start wondering why I even put up with church at all some days.

However, may ask how many of us really participate actively and prominently
in the church as servants. How may of us intellectuals actually serve in
the day to day operations of the church. Do we even go there and replace a
few broken light bulbs. I grant, we often have day time jobs and
responsibilities that are hard to control. It seems that something gets
sacrificed. Even teaching an evening bible study is something that we can
do. How dedicately we serve does mean something in the eyes of the
leadership in a church.

We cannot easily change the stance of YECs, but active service is something
that anyone can see. If they see our commitment to Christ, maybe they will
realize that there are other ways to understand that small part scripture
that seems to disrupt and distract everyone from the real message of
scripture. We don't have to beat people over the head with books and
facts, what is most likely to chance people's view is seeing how the Lord is
working in us. At minimum, I find that they become more cautious and
considerate about what they say. The problem seems to be more that people
are mislead into thinking that evolution denies faith and that if it is
true, the bible is false. If they know our hearts are commited to
Christ, they certainly cannot say that.

by Grace we proceed,

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