Re: [asa] A question on Genesis

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Fri Mar 27 2009 - 18:44:48 EDT

Dick Fischer wrote:
> Dear George:
> I didn’t get into this to perpetuate ignorance and the failed exegesis
> by those who either lacked the means or couldn’t bother to get their
> facts straight. When the KJV translators used “slime” for mortar,
> subsequent translations corrected that to “tar” or “bitumen” as a
> better translation of the Hebrew word /khay-mawr' - /it wasn’t because
> they inspected any ziggurats in Mesopotamia, it was simply a better
> rending of the word. But they did get it right.
> Yet in Gen. 11:1 the “whole world” or the “whole earth” had one
> language according to the NIV, RSV, ASV, etc. There isn’t any way for
> that to be possible. So if all these translations are correct then it
> is the writer who can’t get his facts straight. It’s the poor, dumb,
> ignorant writer of Genesis who has no clue about anything. If you’re
> happy with that, stay with that.
Dick is incorrect in implying that that is the only alternative. Another
possibility is that the writer of Genesis 11 is using a story to say
something quite profound about human rebellion against God, echoing what
is written in earlier chapters of Genesis.
Don N

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