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From: Dick Fischer <>
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Hi George:

The whole earth or even the whole land did not speak one common unified
language, not at any point in the history of mankind. My contention is that
the writer of Genesis had something else to tell us. I have only given a
small portion, a brief glimpse of this chaotic period of time. You can't
imagine the amount of toil that went in to building a ziggurat and every
city was building at least one. They towered over the city. Cut stone for
decoration had to be bought and paid for or traded for and imported. Daily
offerings were prepared. These were massive undertakings that came at great
cost and required enormous laborious effort by the entire city. The extent
to which your particular city god was pleased could be measured by how high
your particular ziggurat was compared to that built in a neighboring city.
You conld not afford to be outbuilt. Your very lives depended on it.

That was the situation as best I can describe it. There is only the subject
of this particular tower in Genesis 11, but you could read dedications from
kings from every city. So to say the whole land was of one lip, meaning
there was one predominent topic of conversation, is as good a way to
describe it as any given the limitations of ancient Hebrew.

I know the popular interpretation can't be true and this interpretation has
a likelihood of being true. I can't say with 100% conviction that this is
the intended meaning but I have every reason to believe it is.

Dick Fischer, GPA president
Genesis Proclaimed Association
"Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History"

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Dick -

This is very informative, though I knew that siggurats were an important
feature of Mesopotamian culture. But where does it say that everyone was
talking about the tower?

Of course even if other ANE sources did say that, it wouldn't prove that
Genesis 11 does, especially in view of the other problems with that


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