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From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Tue Mar 24 2009 - 09:42:57 EDT

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 8:00 PM, Glenn Morton <> wrote:
> Burgy wrote:
>> And its NOT THE HEADLINES that count! It is getting this data in front
>> of reputable climate scientists. While there are several on the ASA
>> list who are interested in all this (I am at best semi-interested, for
>> I think there are greater problems than AGW to overcome), I don't know
>> how many would claim any particular expertise. Make the argument on
>> -- or some other site where IPCC people hang out. And
>> do so w/o confrontation. For instance, you write "Doesn't it bother
>> you..." and "yet none of this makes it into the headlines..." and
>> "Shouldn't science deal with contrary evidence?" Such words are (1)
>> unnecessary and (2) counter-productive in prpoerly framing a question.
> Well, both you and I have mentioned it at Realclimate. org and no one seems
> to be interested in pointing out where I am wrong.  Maybe it is because my
> critique of the raw data is correct and they know it.  The raw data for
> temperature measurement is so bad that as Gordie told us at the ranch, we
> can't know what the global temperature is doing.
Actually what counts is for government officials to make the right
decisions. In my case that means letting the market work. Contrary to
popular belief, the so-called "Captains of Industry" are just as
concerned about preserving planet earth as the average Joe -- after
all they have children and grandchildren too. I might add that letting
the market work also applies to the media.

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