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In my 3d paragraph below "v.11" should read "v.7" (of chapter 11). (I could also have noted v.9.)


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  My position is (a) irrelevant for the present issue and (b) one that has been expressed here more than once.

  The notion that because some Hebrew word other than saphah means "language" in Daniel, saphah can't mean "language" in Genesis is ridiculous. Take a look instead at Is.19:18 and Ez.3:5-6 where saphah obviously does mean "language."

  You still have given no justification for your paraphrase, & have not even touched my point in my original post that with that paraphrase v.11 would make no sense.

  How many years you spent reading books proves nothing. You have given no one a reason to believe that you know biblical Hebrew better than the scholars who have worked on all the published translations and all the commentaries. This of course is not the only case in which you've done that. You made the same implicit claim with Gen.2 a few months ago, & having been were called on it were silent. It's quite obvious that your concordist scheme is what's in control, not any expertise in biblical languages.


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