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From: Douglas Hayworth <>
Date: Sun Mar 22 2009 - 21:00:48 EDT

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 10:44 PM, Preston Garrison <>wrote:

> Doug,
> As much as I usually like your comments here, I have to object a bit. We
> already had over 2000 denominations in this country even before the
> internet. How much more fragmented could we really get, on the one hand?

Point well taken. I must have worded my "application" conclusions too
strongly. I just meant to convey that the book gave me a lot to think about,
including some things that were actually somewhat counter-intuitive (e.g.,
free information access leads to less across-the-aisle discussion). Twenty
years ago, neighbors would get their news from the same small pool of
sources (local newspaper, one of two or three national newspapers, and one
of three network news stations). Conservatives might complain that the
reporting was bias toward the liberal side, and visa versa, but at least we
could have a discussion because we were "reacting to" and interpreting the
same source material. Nowadays, we're very likely to be reading blogs and
news commentary from completely different spheres - we've semi-unconsciously
self-selected sources that resonate with our respective views.

Christians have been pretty good at this self-selection process for a long
time - since way before the internet, as you say. My point was that Web 2.0
and 3.0 will actually make the isolation worse, not better. Just yesterday I
desribed this book to a very conservative (politically, theologically and
morally) acquaintance (I spoke in very general terms; he doesn't have any
idea that I am EC or not republican) and he basically said straight out that
he is glad that he doesn't have to get his news from the liberal and
atheistic commercial press anymore. Unfortunately, he will be less and less
able to have any sort of real discussion with those who don't agree with him
(e.g., myself included, which is why I haven't mentioned to him that I voted
for Obama; I don't think that he'd even be aware that there really are
Christians who could - in good conscience, considering all the issues -
decide that this was a reasonable option).

Like I said, I'd be interested in what others on this list would think after
considering the technology/culture issues raised by "The Big Switch".


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