[asa] A question on Genesis

From: Preston Garrison <pngarrison@att.net>
Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 23:54:28 EDT


This may be off topic, unless Biblical studies can be considered
something of a science, but such things have been discussed here
before, so here goes.

Has anyone else noticed that multiple languages are already mentioned
among the descendants of Jephthah in Genesis 10:5, nearly a full
chapter before the story of Babel, which concerns Nimrod, a
descendant of Ham.

 From the NASV:

"From these [the descendents of Jephthah], the coastlands of the
nations were separated into their lands, EVERY ONE ACCORDING TO HIS
LANGUAGE, according to their families, and into their nations."

The rest of chapter 10 concerns the descendants of Ham, one of whom
was Nimrod. His kingdom and the Babel story are described in chapter
11:1-9. Then the descendants of Shem are described in 11:10-32.

It starts to look like to me that Genesis 11 didn't originally refer
to a univeral unity of language - the unity described was something
that was imposed by the conquests of Nimrod.

It was the working out of the curse on Ham. They were cursed by
getting an able, effective and violent leader who unified them,
conquered surrounding tribes and imposed the same language on all of
them, which was followed by unified rebellion against God and the
resulting judgement.

Insert the usual admission that I haven't been to seminary, and I
have no idea what I am talking about.

Let the expertise commence.


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