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From: Preston Garrison <>
Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 23:44:22 EDT

>You should definitely read the book called "The Big Switch: Rewiring
>the World, from Edison to Google" by Nicholas Carr.
>Here's the Amazon link:
>The book is about the change landscape of the web, how computing is
>becoming a utility that is done more and more on the cloud computer
>or world wide computer (as opposed to using your personal computer
>software, etc.). He talks a lot about how the transhumanists promote
>these changes as utopian (no single authority, information freely
>available to everyone), but how in fact people subconsciously
>self-select their information. The result is greater segregation and
>less tolerance and understanding of opposing viewpoints, etc.
>It's scary, really. I think this explains why the Christian
>theological, apologetic, and politcal landscape and community is
>becoming more divided rather than unified.
>The book is about technology rather than science, per se. However, I
>think it would be worth discussing this list.


As much as I usually like your comments here, I have to object a bit.
We already had over 2000 denominations in this country even before
the internet. How much more fragmented could we really get, on the
one hand?

On the other hand, doesn't the Babel story tell us that bigness and
unity is what we should fear, if we fear anything? (Personally I've
pretty much had it with fear - I stood at a plate glass window 40
stories up the other day and I felt that twinge of natural fear that
you feel when you are 400 feet high with nothing under you. I decided
to stand there and look down until it went away - after a few
minutes, it did. Then I wished I had a key to the roof and my old
hang glider.)

If the Christians got united, wouldn't they likely unite around some
strange attractor, some charismatic (in the general, not theological
sense) person who would lead them on some weird crusade?

Unless of course the one who united them was Jesus. But you get that
kind of unity by praying for it and going about doing what you're led
to do. A little persecution would go a long way in inducing it, but
I'm not crazy enough to ask for that.


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