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Actually Burgy, these are not responses to my posts, they are generic
discussions about nonlinearity. Nor do they address what I do in my March
15th and March 19th posts

What I am dealing with is measurement error, not chaotic systems.

And the guy who claims "So how do we finally know when all the reasoning is
reasonable and the corrections correct? One good way is to cross check your
conclusion against other completely unrelated data sets. "

has fallen into the same issue I chided Rich for in not actually looking at
the temperature proxies which he says are all in agreement. They aren't.
The thermometers, which are often next to air conditioners and on hot
parking lots show much more warming than do the proxies, like the trees and

Speaking of Deuterium at the bottom of today's blog, I post the deuterium
temperature record for the Vostok ice core from 10,000 years to the present.
No one shows you this scale because it actually shows that the world has
cooled over the past 10,000 years.

See Don't the Polar Bears know when to die?

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