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Hi Murray:


I don't think any person (God) better epitomizes what it means to take the
heat than Christ! He didn't say it, He lived it. Truman was a colorful
character, however, and this is one of his most famous quotes. I'm sure you
don't think I would place precedence on presidents over God incarnate.


On the other hand, David's parting comment should remind us all that
civility amongst professing Christians should guide us in these discussions.


As for membership in ASA, responding to Gordon, I highly value my
membership. The ASA was there for me on recommendation from a friend when I
was booted out of a fundamentalist church, and the annual meetings have
always been an occasion of spiritual renewal for me. I think anyone would
tell you who has been to one of our annual meetings that the friendships
generated and established there are to be cherished for a lifetime. Whether
one chooses to join ASA or not is a personal decision, but the individual is
impoverished and the organization is without benefit if that is their


Dick Fischer, GPA president

Genesis Proclaimed Association

"Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History" <>


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Oh, now I get it...


Jesus comes second in precedence to US presidents!!


That actually explains a thing or two...


Dick Fischer wrote:

> Hi Murray:




> Actually that phrase, "If you can't take the heat get out of the

> kitchen," comes from Saint Harry Truman, our illustrious 33rd

> president. He's from Missouri I might add.


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