Re: [asa] Charles Krauthammer WAS scientific fact vs. ideology?

From: John Walley <>
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 10:46:26 EDT

Thanks Bill. I think we all agree with your and George's response about the obvious differences of faith in Christ. But what I was wondering on how a TE like us may differ from Krauthammer or other theists that accept evolution like a muslim or buddhist etc on the details on creation.

For instance, would they consider that evolution had any guidance at all or was subjected to any embedded design? And would they say that this would be scientifically detectable? Would they accept the design inference from ID? Would they be impressed by the IC argument of the bacterial flagellum?

I am just curious if anyone was aware of how other theists outside of our Western Christian culture may respond to these. Do we know of any examples besides Krauthammer?



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> > Krauthammer is a a very thoughtful secular Jew who is
> an MD and I think a psychiatrist. He appears to believe in
> God but not in any recognizable form. I always find his
> insight to be very stimulating. In his previous columns he
> did come out and oppose ID and Dover and upheld Darwinism
> but he managed to justify a theistic belief at the same
> time.  This poses an interesting question, how would a
> secular theist like Krauthammer differ from a Christian TE?
> >
> A Chrisitan TE, unless you mean to do real violence with
> the
> definition of Christian, has a personal relationship with
> Jesus
> Christ. BTW I also appreciate Krauthammer's writing.
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