Re: [asa] scientific fact vs. ideology?

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 10:02:24 EDT

The real question for whom? I have never suggested that non-Christians are going to be impressed by Christian theological arguments. But we need to get our own thinking straight before we engage with those outside the Christian community.

You may be aware that part of the government's human genome project was an ethics panel that included Christian theologians. It is wrong to suggest that "those in power" are just going to ignore all religious views. Hasn't Francis Collins been one of those in power?


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  The real question is whether those with power are going to ignore everyone who believes in any kind of creator.

  -Dave C

  My take on all this comes more from the recent Weissman Perkins debate on Nightline. Weissman speaks for the national academy of science, and while he says elected policy makers should be in charge that is exactly what Perkins asked for too, and Weissman disagrees with him. When Weissman was asked who really was going to govern this his answer was the NIH but then he didn't have any answer to the question of who oversees them. Weissman looked very angry and seemed to be looking down his nose with derision at Perkins. So I be very surprised to learn that Weissman is open to notions of "God as the creator and governor of the real world". Why should he listen to anyone on this list any more than he would listen to Perkins?

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    AGAIN - I have not heard anyone who has participated in this discussion on the list say that the issue of ESCR should be "left up to science." Everyone has agreed that it is not just a scientific but an ethical issue - & of course for Christians ethics should be informed by theology. The question is rather whether our ethical reflections should take scientific knowledge seriously and be open to changing long-held views if the scientific evidence warrants it. The theology that informs our ethics should be theology that understands God as the creator and governor of the real world, the same world that science explores.


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      I agree. This is why the subject cannot be left up to science.

      Dave C

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