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From: Merv Bitikofer <mrb22667@kansas.net>
Date: Mon Mar 16 2009 - 11:16:34 EDT

Maybe this is too little, but some of us lurkers have benefited from
hearing your opinions expressed on this subject. And, for the record,
I'm in total agreement with your critical assessment of Obama's speech
regarding ESCR. Granted, I haven't spent the time on this subject
line that you've invested in writing/responding and I probably haven't
seen or paid attention to all the vitriol that may have justified your
response here. (A luxury of a lurker is their selective attention.)
But PLEASE keep this in mind: When you leave (if for more than a needed
or earned break) then you may leave the balance of presented views here
even more tilted towards any apparently opposing views. I wasn't under
the impression that you were "standing alone" --I thought I saw serious
agreement and consideration from at least some other key list
participants. But if you felt that you were, I gladly would have chimed
in with moral support for much of your underlying position. I just
didn't feel as knowledgeable or invested in the subject to speak with
any authority on it. That's why I do pay some attention to this list
and why it's important that we not lose voices like yours. If you must
leave, hopefully it won't be for good --and I do understand how much
time all this eats up; even when you aren't feeling attacked. I don't
even have time to read it all --let alone be fully engaged. Thank you
(from me) for your numerous contributions thus far.

--Merv Bitikofer (ASA member)

David Opderbeck wrote:
> The recent discussion on this list about embryonic stem cell research
> has finally pushed me over the edge. I'm tired of being belittled,
> ridiculed, subjected to ad hominems, etc. every time I express an
> opinion that bears even a whiff of a "conservative" or "traditional"
> approach to a Christian worldview. I'm exhausted of having to defend
> the position that the Bible really does communicate truth about human
> history and the human condition in some meaningful sense. I'm sick of
> the culture of suspicion and scoffing that runs through our
> discourse. I need to break from the anger, arrogance, and
> self-indulgence of the flame wars that characterize this space.
> In the past, I've defended the ASA and this email list against attacks
> by various ID folks and others. I still don't think that all of the
> criticisms that have been levied against the ASA by those folks are
> fair. However, I think they are right that the ASA, particularly as
> characterized by this list, is hobbled by some kind of myopia. Yes, I
> know this list isn't representative of the ASA in an absolute sense,
> but it's an ASA-sponsored public discussion space, which is often a
> travesty. I've wasted too much time on it, and it's become
> spiritually not only unproductive, but a liability. Via con Dios.
> David W. Opderbeck
> Associate Professor of Law
> Seton Hall University Law School
> Director, Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology

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