Re: [asa] scientific fact vs. ideology?

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Date: Tue Mar 10 2009 - 09:02:57 EDT

I'm with you, Doug. But I wouldn't put too much stock in just the speech
content from presidents --ANY modern president. I'm sure the day was when
presidents wrote their own speeches. But somewhere between Lincoln and now we
probably are probably hearing more and more from speech writers who (while
certainly lined up with their president's IDEOLOGY, are still the ones inserting
the pithy phrases --like this less than reflective one.) Probably even Obama
is not immune. It's probably no more than a continuation of the eagerness of
this present administration's utmost wish to be oppositely contrasted with the
perceived anti-science of the last one.


Quoting Douglas Hayworth <>:

> Note: this is NOT a politics question.
> President Obama said yesterday that public policy should be based on
> scientific facts not ideology.
> think this is an awful statement. It's a false dichotomy. Scientific
> "facts" don't make public policy; they form a necessary informational base,
> but every action based on that knowledge also
> requires a moral/ethical/ideological decision. Scientific facts say we can
> build nuclear weapons, but our choice to reduce their proliferation
> ideological/moral. Scientific facts have shown that it is possible to clone
> animals, but we all agree that ideology/morality must weigh in on public
> policy decisions relating to cloning. No one disagrees about the science of
> the "emergency contraception pill" or stem cell research; the pill works and
> stem cell research holds lots of promise. But those scientific facts in and
> of themselves are not a sound basis for policy!
> Does this misrepresentation of science (which I think is not particuler to
> Obama - so don't make this into a political debate) bother anyone else?
> Doug

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