RE: [asa] Article (in our local paper) on evolution mentions Collins

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"Anybody ever hear of secular fundamentalism"

I think fundamentalists are extremists. I've used the term "fundamentalist atheist" for people like Dawkins and Hitchins. I don't think Dawkins and Hitchens would call Collins a fundamentalist; but they are also upset with liberal Christians (as they may call Collins).


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OK, theological fundamentalism in Christianity is entirely different than fundamentalism in the political sense or in the sense of any other religion. So a fundamentalist, in Islam for example, does not carry the same meaning as a theological fundamentalist in Christianity. But the media wants to make people think the term means radical, and that Christians want to blow things up and that they hate everyone. Its part of an agenda of religious apartheid. Its very offensive.

Anybody ever hear of secular fundamentalism? Anybody know what that means?

One must be careful to define terms (and tenets and criteria) and not jump to any conclusions.

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John Burgeson (ASA member) wrote:
"... He is also a fundamentalist

Christian "

Would Collins accept that label? It does not fit him.


No he probably would not accept the label as a fundamentalist however, the newspaper seems to always refer to Christians in that way. Sigh I would not accept that label either.

Dave W

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