Re: [asa] on miracles

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Mar 09 2009 - 11:26:11 EDT

>>> "Stephen Matheson" <> 3/8/2009 3:09 PM >>> writes:

Ted, it seems to me that your exhortation below can be paraphrased, at
least in part, by: "Don't put limits on what God can do. He's free to act
as he wishes. If this weren't the case, he wouldn't be God." Leaving aside
certain limits that seem to arise from his unchangeable nature (cf. Hebrews
6:18), I would strongly affirm this. Since Keith wrote "nothing prohibits
God from doing whatever God wants to do," I take it he would affirm this as

But then Keith considers the proposal that "God never acts in a way that
violates the created capacities of the creation." (It's not clear that he
means to defend that particular assertion to the extent you seem to believe,
but that's another matter.) And unless I have misunderstood, all of your
subsequent comments aim to counter a particular view that you see underlying
this proposal. Specifically, you suggest that his comments are an example
of science "reigning unchallenged in an inappropriate way."

I'm surprised by this response. It seems to be an overreaction. I'm
commenting here from my own perspective, not Keith's.

Ted replies:

I appreciate your comments very much, Steve, and you may well be right.
In the interval Keith has clarified his point, and I agree that I jumped on
it hastily by not seeing what you and others were seeing. I apologize to
Keith for jumping too quickly, before seeing his point as clearly as I
should have.

I was hearing a suggestion, which Keith probably did not intend, that God
is subject to constraints that our reason imposes on God, beyond those which
almost everyone would grant as appropriate (such as the constraints that God
is just, loving, and good, even if people don't always agree on what that
means in practice). It was his use of "must" that I jumped on, which did
seem on first reading to be contradictory to God's freedom.


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