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From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Sun Mar 08 2009 - 17:44:59 EDT

To all:

Since my comments have engendered further discussion (which is good)
I will try again to restate my thoughts in order to avoid

I did not mean to imply that God does not ever act in a way that
breaks chains of cause-and-effect, only that I don't see how we could
ever determine that. Our knowledge of the true nature of the created
physical universe is so limited and incomplete that to make specific
claims about "intervention" amounts to a bit of hubris. In
practicality, all we have are presumably "explained" and
"unexplained" phenomena from a scientific perspective. If all of
creation is continually upheld by God's active participation in it,
then the significance of the distinction is significantly
diminished. This was what I tried to communicate in the statement

> I am more comfortable just saying that God is there in the midst of
> everything - both the mystery and the well-understood. We can
> probe the mysteries without fear of pushing God aside. If those
> mysteries yield ultimately to "natural" explanation fine, if they
> never do then that is fine as well.

 From a theological perspective, I do see God as acting primarily
through the creative potentialities that God established. And I
raised the question of whether God might in fact have made creation
such that all that God chose to do within the physical creation was
within its created potential. I don't see how we could ever disprove
such a claim.

I also echo George's emphasis that miracles are signs that reveal
something of God's character and will. As I understand it, a
miracle does not imply an event that must be outside of the potential
of created reality.

Probing such mysteries is not denying their "miraculous" nature or
the particular and intentional action of God in their occurrence.

I hope this is somewhat clearer?

All the best.


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