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 Yes.  And humans go back to the dust, and sexes unite with each other.  In each case, the thing they were "taken" from is the thing they return to or unite with, and that's really the point in each case.  They share a common essence with the thing from which they were taken, and this connection helps to define them.



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Interesting aspect about the “taken”
word… thanks.




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For both Adam and Eve, what they are
made out of is later connected to the meaning of who they are.

1.  Adam was made of the ground/dust, and so God says later:

"Cursed is the ground
because of you;

through painful toil you will eat of it

all the days of your life.

 18 It will produce
thorns and thistles for you,

       and you will eat the plants of the field.

 19 By the sweat o
your brow

       you will eat your food

       until you return to the ground,

from it you were taken;

       for dust you are

       and to dust you will return."


2.  Eve was made out of Adam's bones/flesh, and so Adam
and then the narrator say,


      "This is now bone of my bones

       and flesh of my flesh;

       she shall be called 'woman, '

       for she was taken out of man."

 24 For this reason a
man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will
become one


So in both cases, there is an illustrative purpose that lies
behind what they were made out of.





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It's also been suggested that a rib symbolizes lateral equality, as

opposed to say foot or head.  It certainly conveys unity of origin and

equality of value.

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