Re: [asa] intervention

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Fri Mar 06 2009 - 22:17:31 EST

David Clounch wrote:

> >I am more comfortable just saying that God is there in the midst
> of everything - both the mystery and the well-understood. We can
> probe the mysteries without fear of pushing God aside. If those
> mysteries yield ultimately to "natural" explanation fine, if they
> never do then that is fine as well.
> I don't understand why it makes a difference which it is. I mean,
> are not both then an invocation of the supernatural?

 From a theological perspective, yes, all is from the divine hand of

The difference lies in whether or not we can describe from a
scientific perspective "How" God acts in the natural world. Why does
that matter? I would argue that it is part of our role as stewards
and God's image-bearers to understand something of how God's creation
works (to the extent that God has made that possible). To the extent
that we can understand creation, we can learn how to care for it more
appropriately. Also the history of creation, which is something
that we can learn from science, is important in understanding it.
Just like I cannot be fully understood without my personal history
being known (who I am is tied up in that history), so creation cannot
be understood fully without an understanding of its history.


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