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From: David Campbell <>
Date: Fri Mar 06 2009 - 17:26:13 EST

> Why object to interventionist divine action?  Even if physical law is equivalent to a
> physical necessity in this world (something I don't know how we'd know), why
> prohibit divine breaking and violation of those laws?

I see three categories of objections to interventionism/God of the Gaps/etc.:
1) Attempts to limit God's abilities based on particular philosophical
assumptions (e.g., much process theology, materialistic views, etc.)
Generally incompatible with Christianity.
2) Although God does on occasion work in ways that do not appear to
fit with our best knowledge of natural laws (e.g., Biblical miracles),
He does not do so very frequently. Biblical miracles have very
specific purpose as signs and are not merely for convenience or to
impress (as highlighted in the beginning of ministry temptation of
3) Emphasis on interventions tends to lead to various mistakes, in
particular atheism of the continuities (i.e., no gap=no God, a
standard claim of atheists all too often endorsed by ID or YEC as
well) and excessive zeal for finding gaps whether or not they really

The latter two do not rule out intervention, but they do suggest that
it is rare and that we should be very cautious about concluding it.

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