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Hi Charles, I covered that in my rebuttle. Speculative suspicions of CT's audience interpretation aside, if you adjust your own interpretation of Campolo's words, based on our shared knowledge, as suggesting that Darwin's 'proposal' was a mere 'description' rather than a 'prescription' of the 'invevitable extermination [i.e. genocide] of races based on Darwin's struggle narrative' then you should have no problem accepting his language. There are many other things in your 'criticism' of his essay besides that one, which you have little to stand on and perhaps you should rather whole-heartedly support Campolo's challenge to Darwinism. But this would involve confronting the criticism of your criticism heart-on and seeing the importance of Campolo's sociological (in contrast to merely a biological) imploration. - G.A.

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Campolo claims that Darwin proposed the extermination of certain races.  I think it likely that many people reading that CT essay will interpret "extermination" to mean genocide.   I stand by my criticism of Campolo's essay.
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