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And as you know well already, David, 'positions' (as examples of human-made and not biological things) don't 'evolve'! :-) Michael Behe will have to (preferably non-randomly) make a personal choice, or, as your reknowned psychologist-philosopher once said: "When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is, in itself, a choice." - William James 

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> In "Edge", Behe refutes the label of TE and differentiates his
position from it. That is what I am referring to as special creation. I
don't know what else to refer to it as but it is some form of
interventionism apparently which crosses the line of science in my mind.<

Behe accepts common descent but claims that miraculous intervention
was required at certain points. His position is thus intermediate
between the "every species created separately" (denying the ones that
we see forming now in the lab and in the wild) stance popular with
much of the ID movement and much popular YEC (though more academic YEC
tends to accept plenty of species and genera evolving in order to have
few things crammed on the ark) and standard TE, which generally sees
no need to invoke miraculous action within the course of physical
evolution. As he associates with the ID group, he tends to get
incorrectly invoked as supporting the no new species position. I'd
like to see him try to get the ID movement closer to reality on that
point, but of course have no idea what he might be trying to do behind
the scenes.

Behe thus represents a transitional form, not fully in line with
standard ID nor standard TE, though his position doesn't seem to be
evolving much in either direction. __________________________________________________________________ Connect with friends from any web browser - no download required. Try the new Yahoo! Canada Messenger for the Web BETA at

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