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From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Mar 02 2009 - 17:41:46 EST

Yes, this is one of those things that goes back to White and Draper, both of
whom used the word "medieval" as a pejorative. Likewise the word "dogma."

Let me take a moment to announce a powerful new antidote to White and
Draper that is just about to become available to order. Information is at

The table of contents (see includes a
very nice chapter by Mike Shank, on the very theme that Mario asked about:
"That the Medieval Christian Church Suppressed the Growth of Science." This
is one of the 25 "myths" that is dealt with in this book.

Most of the authors who contributed to this, incidentally, are not
religious. An objective critic will not be able to claim that this book is
ideologically motivated; it is nothing more than the best current
scholarship about the history of science & religion, aimed at a wide
readership and kept short and to the point (chapters are 2500 words in

Given recent conversations here about the Darwin/Nazi thing, Bob Richards'
chaper, "That Darwin and Haeckel Were Complicit in Nazi Biology," will
undoubedtly draw a lot of attention. I am not wholly persuaded by his
argument, at least concerning Haeckel (I've never found it plausible to make
the Darwin argument), but he does present some pretty interesting evidence
that Haeckel wasn't the type of anti-Semite that he's often been portrayed
to be.

This one should be "required reading" for all members of the ASA.


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