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Thanks, David.

I agree with what you wrote. But I guess everyone would agree that there is
this notion that, particularly in the middle ages, the "Church" was a severe
suppressor of scientific advances through persecution. But how did this
become so prevalent?

Is this one of those things that dates back to John Draper and Andrew
Dickson White?


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Galileo and Bruno also were not exemplars of tact, thereby promoting
political animosity as well. On the other hand, the number of cases
where the "persecutee" could not be said to have, to some degree,
brought it on himself, is negligible, so we must judge whether the
opposition is primarily deserved or undeserved (I Peter discusses this
at a couple of points).

Another difficulty in finding examples of 'the church" persecuting
scientists is that "the church" is a theological reality but not a
visible reality. In other words, we're not united, and not
infrequently the fact that Christian group A does or doesn't like
someone is seen as reason to take the opposite view by Christian group
B. Also, there are always the folks who decry any novelty as against
God's will.

Yet another difficulty is that churches have often not been in much of
a position to persecute people at times when there has been much

My lack of income probably in part reflects universities being afraid
ether that I would or would not teach evolution, but I don't think
that's really persecution.

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