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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Mon Mar 02 2009 - 09:19:19 EST

Whatever problems there may be with TE aren't due to any supposed nebulosity
of data. Any form of TE (yes, consider all the problems with the term read)
is a theological interpretation of the scientific understanding of
biological evolution. It is not a scientific theory that stands alongside,
or against, other scientific theories of evolution. & there's nothing
nebulous about the observational evidence & theoretical support for
evolution. If some form of TE is vague & nebulous its because whoever has
developed or it hasn't understood the science, hasn't done the theology
well, or both.


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> Obviously this is a rhetorical question and it confirms my point that
> Collines can keep his scientific credentials and respect while Behe can't
> because Collins doesn't adopt a position that is stronger than the
> evidence will support which Behe does to his detriment.
> People find fault with TE because it is too vague and nebulous but that is
> what the data is as well.

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