Re: [asa] science martyrs

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Sun Mar 01 2009 - 19:06:53 EST

John Walley wrote:
> I have a contrarian opinion of Behe and Steinberg. I don't think the
resistance against them is necessarily due to their faith but in using their
credentials in science to push an agenda that is contrary to science.
> Case in point, Behe is a professor at a private Christian schools and his
own department disavows him. In contrast, Francis Collins holds a prominent
and prestigious government job and no one is calling for his resignation.
The difference? Behe is a special creationist and Collins is a TE. One can
be falsified by science but the other can't. One is in conflict with science
and the other is complementary to it but not in conflict.

I don't agree with John that Behe is a "special creationist," in the usual
sense of that term at least. ID as presented by some others--Steve Meyer,
Phil Johnson, and Bill Dembski--is indeed a type of special creationism
(NOTE: if someone in cyberspace quotes this, it will be dishonest not to
quote the whole paragraph), highly similar to a type of OEC that was popular
in America for at least 100 years. But not Behe's views. Unless you are
prepared, John, to say that Francis Collins was also a special creationist a
few years ago, when he was saying that as far as he was concerned, life
might well have been originally created miraculously. I think that is a
good possibility myself, yet b/c I think the evidence for common descent and
human evolution is very strong, most people would not describe my position
as a type of special creationism.

I realize that semantics are involved here, and I don't want to push this
too far. Nevertheless, I disagree with your analysis here.


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