[asa] science martyrs

From: Marcio Pie <pie@ufpr.br>
Date: Sun Mar 01 2009 - 08:21:33 EST

Hi there,
I got a simple question: what are the well-established cases of science
martyrs? By that I mean cases of scientists (or, more appropriately, natural
philosophers) that experienced persecution *because* of their scientific
There is the commonly cited but mistaken case of Galileo, which is part of
scientific pop culture, but has been regarded as a myth by people like Ron
Numbers. Also, I just learned that Giordano Bruno was not condemned because
of his scientific views, as commonly stated, but rather due to his
theological views on the trinity.
So, is there any example of someone that was really persecuted (or
martyrized) because of his/her scientific views?

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