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I happen to know a little bit about Ravi. I personally set up a meeting between him and Hugh Ross and Fuz when they were in town and took them out and met Ravi with them. I have from a reliable source that used to be on staff with him that Ravi is personally a YEC even though they carry RTB books on their website. That is unfortunate as his worldwide radio ministry is entitled "Let My People Think".

However Ravi primarily sticks to philosophical arguments for Christianity and avoids the controversial science issues for the most part. As a result in my opinion he has a net positive impact on Christianity. As a former Hindu has a very unique non-Western style that is very influential globally. He is worth hearing and supporting but I would be curious to hear your assessment and if he lets on anything about his science faith views.



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> Ravi is coming to town. (manhattan, Ks) And a friend has
> invited me to come hear him. A brief perusal around the
> web brought up some exchanges from him that seemed to look
> like standard objections to evolution --but some of those
> were dated. He seems to have his focus on Christianity and
> the intellect. Anyone have advice for what to expect?
> --Merv
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