Re: [asa] YEC sub-group & fiction

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Wed Jan 28 2009 - 16:24:21 EST

Hi Kirk,

If I might press you a little on this; how certain are you that the below is actually the case?

I ask because I find it somewhat ironic that Gosse would, at one and the same time, think fiction is deceptive but creating the world with a false appearance of age is not.

Now, let me say that I personally don't see how God could create anything ex nihilio which appears as though it has just been created (what does a newly created tree look like?) - so I'm not quite convinced that a false appearance of age actually should be seen as "deceptive". I'm just pointing out what strikes me as an incongruous rejection of fictional literature on the part of an author who is otherwise clearly happy to accept that things are not always what they appear to be.

This is, to me, very curious BUT if you assure me that it is the case, then I'll happily take your word for it.


Kirk Bertsche wrote:
> I've never actually met anyone who thought this way. But it was
> apparently the position of Philip Gosse, who combined YEC with
> appearance of age in his book "Omphalos" in the 1850's. His son,
> Edmund, describes his father's anti-fiction views in his own book
> "Father and Son."
> Kirk

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