Re: [asa] Miracles and God of the Gaps

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 2009 - 14:52:45 EST


> Keith,
> Your "continuous creation" sounds to me more like Hugh Ross's
> position than yours. I recognize that Providence is often connected
> to Creator, but in the current situation creation seems almost
> always to suggest divine initiation of new forms. If you don't like
> TE, Denis's "evolutionary creationism," with its specific reference
> to evolution, seems to derail the usual assumptions with the use of
> "creationism."

"Continuous creation" is not my term, but a theological term that has
been around for awhile (I don't know its full history). It captures
my firm theological position that ALL of creation is sustained and
upheld by God' s continuous personal participation in it. Such a
view does not require any causal gaps in our scientific description
of natural processes. But it also makes not specific claims about
what those processes are -- that is the role of scientific exploration.



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