Re: [asa] YEC sub-group & fiction

From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 2009 - 10:03:21 EST

My own view is that thinking about things that are not so is one mark
of a human being. Certainly it is a mark of a scientist.

If they read "lots of history and biographies," are they aware that
these kind of writings also come with their own set of fiction? Not to
mention biases.

In my own interactions with Henry Morris, Duane Gish and other ICR
people, I do not recall this kind of attitude. But it's been 20 years
now ... .

On 1/24/09, Merv Bitikofer <> wrote:
> I've recently become aware, within my school setting, of somebody who
> pretty much rejects all fiction writings as lies. And come to think of
> it, I have a very conservative home-schooling relative who, at the
> moment, I can't remember her daughters reading any fiction works either
> --and now I wonder if she feels the same way. (Maybe they read
> Pilgrim's Progress --I'll have to check.) They read lots of history
> and biographies & such. Is there a large community within YEC that
> feels this way? When my colleague asked the first person about
> parables in the Bible, she immediately was inflamed with the suggestion
> that any parable wouldn't be historical. "My God does not lie!" My
> friend wasn't sure what she would do with Nathan telling David fiction a
> story about a rich man, poor man, and his sheep --or probably other
> places where fiction was used to make a point as well. How would you
> respond? (I didn't speak with her directly about it --and don't intend
> to, but just want to know how widespread this sentiment is.)
> --Merv
> (realizing, if I hadn't before, that the YEC camp is hardly a unified
> monolith either.)
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