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From: George Murphy <GMURPHY10@neo.rr.com>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2009 - 13:03:35 EST

My webpage has been unavailable for about a month as my provider was in the process of "migrating" it. (I hadn't realized that "migrate" was a transitive verb but you learn something new every day.) I thought that folks on the list might want to know that it's now been succcessfully migrated to the address in my signature below.

& while I'm at it, I'll take the liberty of noting that I retired from regular parish ministry at the end of last summer, in part to be able to devote more time & energy to science-theology work for the church as a whole. My webpage gives some information about possible topics for talks & workshops that I'm available for. I hope this isn't too much personal advertising for the list. If it is I'll gracefully go to the appropriate woodshed.


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