RE: [asa] Miracles and God of the Gaps

From: Jon Tandy <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 2009 - 10:39:52 EST

"What precisely is a ..... for YECs or other strong concordists? One that
has supporting evidence of observable causal connections between two
phenomena, *as long as it doesn't lead to conflict with a simple, or
straight-forward, or literalist understanding of Scripture.*"



You're absolutely right about YEC or strong OEC science. Let me be clear,
lest this devolve into red herring discussion, I am *not* suggesting in any
meaningful way that YEC science is the same as TE science. The only point
that I have made in this regard is that they are the same in at least one
fundamental way: in both systems of thought, God is a necessary causal
explanation for the origin of things. Although if you were to look at a
YEC/OEC concordist at work in the practice of science (excluding areas where
they are engaging in theological apologetics on origins questions), I
believe their science would look substantially like their secular


Concordism generally makes more obviously falsifiable predictions, such as
"species arose de novo, without biological precursors." Science can
investigate this, and once it shows that there appear to be biological
precursors, the assertion may be at least partially falsified. I have more
to say on this, but I'm at work now and need to be doing some of it.




Does the Christian Scholars Review article include some specific historical
examples like I was inquiring about?



Jon Tandy


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