Re: [asa] Miracles and God of the Gaps

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 2009 - 17:27:02 EST

Jon Tandy wrote:
> First, can anyone give me some examples of explanations that were
> previously attributed to miracles, that have subsequently been
> determined to have natural causes? I know obvious things like the
> creation of the universe, origin of life, and exact mechanisms of
> biological complexity are still subjects of controversy and are not
> well defined. I'm looking more for specifics, in particular
> historical examples.

I would encourage people to get the most recent issue of Christian
Scholar's Review. It has an extended article on methodological
naturalism that takes exactly this line of argument. The article is
Patrick McDonald & Nivaldo Tro, 2009, In Defense of Methodological
Naturalism": Christian Scholar's Review, vol 38, no. 2, pp.201-229.


Keith B. Miller
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Dept of Geology, Kansas State University
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