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From: Dehler, Bernie <>
Date: Thu Jan 22 2009 - 11:40:19 EST

It seems to me that if "imminent" means "at any time," then it is worthless to use as a word to mean anything. For example- if I go to your house party and say "Is Mary going to attend" and you say "She'll be here imminently," am I supposed to think she may arrive in 20 years? I can't think of any example where "imminent" would be used to explain something happening a long time from now- it fact- the word means just the opposite. If someone disagrees- can they give an example from everyday life? A sample sentence?

I think the dictionary is clear on what it means- and it means "soon"- which is at odds with a possible human existence on Earth for over 1 million more years. Definition:

Does anyone here doubt that it is possible for humans to live on planet Earth for another few million years if the Lord tarries? Sure- an asteroid could hit- but it could also miss. I think most epidemics that could destroy us all might be human-caused, thus the need for green-concern and responsibility. I'm starting to get on the green bandwagon- I used to not care because of my prior concern over Christ's soon return. This is another huge influence of modern science on theology. I think one's outlook on antiquity also affects this- if the Earth has already been around a few billion years compared to the YEC idea of a few thousand years.


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> I still don't know how "imminent" can co-exist with the thought that we may
> still be around in a few million years. That doesn't sound imminent at all.

It all turns on the definiton of the word, of course.

I take "imminent" to mean "at any time." No indication in the word as
to whether that time is 10 nanoseconds from now -- or 4 million years.

Clearly, those who read it as "within a very few years" will have a
different view on -- say -- global warming -- or social justice --
than those who understand it as I do.

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