[asa] Thoughts on the new president

From: Iain Strachan <igd.strachan@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jan 22 2009 - 05:20:46 EST

From "Science and Religion Today":

"From all that we have seen and heard and read, Obama is a man of
unusual intelligence, insight, and vision. He is a rare combination of
idealism and activism, a politician and citizen who considers himself
an American first and foremost, rather than an individual with a
hyphenated nationality and subgroup loyalties. He is, in the tradition
of the country, a man of faith, but also enlightened enough to respect
those who find fulfillment beyond his own pews, or in no traditional
religion at all. He has his own convictions about traditional
morality, but respects those of others in so far as they don't perturb
the personal lives of their fellow citizens. Most of all, he feels
deep in his heart that our problems can never be solved, let alone to
the full satisfaction of all, by harping on our acute differences and
rubbing in ad nauseam our past mutual hurts, but only by looking into
the future, holding hands together as dedicated citizens of the nation
and of the world," says V.V. Raman, an emeritus professor of physics
and humanities at the Rochester Institute of Technology, in a note to
Science & Religion Today.
"Obama is acutely aware of the dangers lurking in the environment as a
result of unbridled industrial excesses, and he trusts scientifically
informed advisers to recommend steps to curb and eliminate these
dangers. He respects science and science education in our schools,
relegating visions of a Creator God to places of worship and tradition
rather than to biology classes."

(Please note: I am from the UK and don't have a political axe to
grind, but I thought these observations were encouraging).


Non timeo sed caveo
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