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From: David Opderbeck <dopderbeck@gmail.com>
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Of possible interest to list members in the NY Metro area. (If anyone is in
the area and wants to go, get in touch with me, maybe we can carpool).

David W. Opderbeck
Associate Professor of Law
Seton Hall University Law School
Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology

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          *ACT Events in January and February 2009

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 Dear Friends of ACT,

Happy New Year.

We commence 2009 with 3 ACT Seminars from the Question of Origins series.
These seminars will be held at Hunter College, West Building, Room 508 in
New York from 12.10pm - 1.00pm in January and February. Please join us and
let your friends know. Registration is free of charge, hosted by Redeemer
Presbyterian Church.

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Event Detail for
Event Detail for
Book for Q1<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102419201353&e=001hKoKdaJl95n0WjhSdp6CzXexYfwZmvR1FCOQi_PmF1SyfckxIERna8WvAyigqiNe-yNAZjfuqfMULEEvxohUHUHQI8PPi64V8OwmFrgANBDWK5P0iA8y3T4figvumS86>
Book for Q2<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102419201353&e=001hKoKdaJl95nGRvR69to_4QgsAqpx3H5bobeABRihqvWyB9Rz7To1r7xOUGqugDwxFBJKsVvq0c0iD-L2GU9wf_31briCrz3O5wzAdaOapQlJHEVwIHTdQSde7S0QUurh>
Book for Q3<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102419201353&e=001hKoKdaJl95lxKE2a-fmMe_nrsxnuNBzdhyPtRxtiM26FiK7aZnmzPpUQTxw7ZkuevVN6vAmsWg0vyjFLYM5AwoguM6usMdZQxgGd-pFPClWoVOJCnx3hRIcx1kUcCR9W>
      1. Jan 25 (Sun): Q1 Origin of the Universe - Cosmogony (The Big

We will examine the implications of The Big Bang Model of cosmology for
Christian belief. Do the philosophical and scientific consequences of the
Big Bang Model of the origin of the universe negate the Christian doctrine
of creation? We shall consider Stephen Hawking's proposal for a
non-boundaried universe as well as the philosophies of Richard Swinburne
and William Lane Craig in defense of the contingency and future of creation.
We conclude that the Christian belief in the universe as (possibly one among
many) created by God is not inconvergent with current understanding of human
inquiry. To purchase the accompanying book, please go to

  2. Feb 01 (Sun) Q2 Origin of Life - Biogenesis (The Big

We will examine the implications of the Big Birth theory for the emergence
of organic life for a biblical and confessional Christian faith. We shall
discuss life on Mars and what is called Second Genesis, life deep in the
crust o the earth and the oceans. The important theories of RNA and
Thioester Worlds will also be examined. We conclude that the latest findings
in origin of life research is convergent with the biblical doctrine of
creation. To purchase the accompanying book, please go to

  3. Feb 08 (Sun) Q3 Origin of Man - Paleoanthropology (The Big

In the study of human origins, paleoanthropology has come to challenge
theological anthropology as the most convincing way to describe the rise of
humans. But what exactly does the Bible say? And what can science affirm?
Was Adam the first human whom God created directly from nothing or was
humanity, as the OT suggested, 'made' from preexisting materiel? Were there
more than one type of humans? What of the 'others' of Gen. 6? Were the
Neanderthals and the Hobbits of Indonesia different human species? In this
murky world of making sense of deep history, we find significant convergence
between divine disclosure and scientific discovery. To purchase the
accompanying book, please go to

  Thank you

  The Academy for Christian Thought
Box 3230
New York, NY 10008

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