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Yes, I remember Irwin Moon and his showings of Sermons from Science at
the World's Fair on Treasure Island in SFO Bay in 1938.
His big demonstration there was a big Tesla coil, and Irwin would stand
on the million-volt terminal, and his hair would stand
up, and he sprayed sparks out from his fingertips. It was by far the
most popular show at the fair. Another film showed
time-lapsed movies of growing plants, a technique they originated that
was widely copied. Fluorescent lamps made their debut
at that fair, they lit the place with them, of many colors.
Also I helped him and Alton Everest make the film God of the Atom. For
this we went up on Campus, and they took movies of our cyclotron at the
time (the old 37 inch cyclotron, as I remember) The 60" cyclotron was
just being built. The 184" one up on the hill was just a dream at that
I have a picture of Ernest Lawrence, Arthur Compton, Vannevar Bush,
James Conant, Carl Compton and Alfred Loomis when
they were planning the work and financing of the 184" cyclotron. We
can't put pictures on this List, but I will happily email the picture
to any who request it.

God bless,

Larry Johnston (ASA member)


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gordon brown wrote:
> Do any of you have a clear memory of the Moody Sermons from Science
> films? Mine is extremely hazy, even about the specific topics. I
> haven't heard of them for several decades, and I don't know what my
> reaction would be if I saw them again now. The films said that they
> were reviewed by the ASA, and F. Alton Everest, one of the ASA
> founders, was associated with the Moody Institute of Science.
> Gordon Brown (ASA member)
> On Mon, 19 Jan 2009, Dick Fischer wrote:
>> Gordon Glover's Beyond the Firmament has some good science videos online
>> that perhaps your church could use.
>> hristian-education/science-and-christian-education-page-1/
>> Dick Fischer, GPA president
>> Genesis Proclaimed Association
>> "Finding Harmony in Bible, Science and History"
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