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Date: Thu Jan 15 2009 - 11:35:36 EST

Quoting "John Burgeson (ASA member)" <>:
> Interestingly, among my eight children, I have a couple who are pretty
> far to the extremes on both the left and right. But we get along
> anyhow.
> Burgy (the liberal conservative)

Makes for wonderful family dinners, doesn't it? (If you are all
conflict-avoiders, then you know which subjects to stay away from.)

We probably all do this to various extents: We zero in on our "trusted" sources
who we feel have earned that trust in one way or another --even if it is just
because they share our view on a particular issue. E.g. I lurk on this list
much more, because I think there is a greater percentage of reasonable and
scientifically & religiously informed people on the ASA list than on other lists
dealing with science/religion. But is that because I let my views be shaped by
what I've heard here, or because I first had an objective platform that led me
to favor this list? Which comes first? And beyond that, just because I like
this list by no means leads me to agree with nearly everything on it. I wonder
how many of the "conservapedia" folks would say the same about that source? I
suspect many of them are reasonable enough to not swallow everything from a
given source.

--Merv (the conservative liberal)

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