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Yup- David got the final piece of the puzzle- memes.  This was my answer to the question posed to me in the dream:

1. Big bang made stars
2. Stars explode and make other chemicals
3. These new chemicals coagulate and form planets
4. Biological life emerges on planet Earth
5. Life biologically evolves- from very simple to pigs and humans, making
   pigs and human biologically related (cousins of some sort).  This
   evolution happens in genes.
6. Humans invent things using evolution (memes)- resulting in a VW bug (or
   any other great human work, such as building a cathedral, computer,
   jewelry, etc.)

To answer this, you have to know two things:

1. Evolution applies to more than just biology. something not commonly known.  It is a grand, overarching, theory.  There is also cosmological evolution, for example, explaining how complex planets evolved from stars.  Many people think evolution is just limited to biology.

2. The concept of meme's, as thoughts of humans evolve, resulting in ever more complex systems (cars, computers, financial systems, etc.).

Both of these points are something that YEC's would likely rebuke.  They say the VW is evidence of "intelligent design" and the same should therefore apply to more complex systems such as microbiological machines.  However, this test question I just gave may point out the opposite- just as biological systems arise through evolution, so do cars (or watches- maybe that would be a better picture since it would relate to Paley's argument).  In this way, evolution just swallowed-up the intelligent design hypothesis.


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I got this riddle in dream (actually saw this similar powerpoint slide).  See the picture below.  If you can't see the picture in email, see the pdf file here:

I got the question in a dream, and answered it in a dream.  After awakening, I clarified the question.

I'll post my answer in a few days.  I'd like to see if anyone gets the same answer or has a better one.



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