Re: [asa] Artificial molecule evolves in the lab

From: Merv Bitikofer <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 2009 - 09:07:34 EST

I recognize NOMA (from Gould) but is anyone willing to unpack 'MOMA' for me?

(with apologies if this was hashed out earlier in this thread
somewhere. --in which case just refer me back.)

Schwarzwald wrote:
> Heya Jim,
> The problem I see here is that ID proponents are primarily concerned
> (or so they say) with justifying the inference of design. Questions of
> 'final' or 'desired' assemblage configuration are not absolutely
> necessary in that case - one doesn't necessarily need to know a piece
> of art is finished in order to infer that it's a designed product. (I
> suppose the MOMA would be of use here.)

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