Re: [asa] Artificial molecule evolves in the lab

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 2009 - 18:56:16 EST

> Can you point to someone who made the argument about complexity that you
> claim to refute? It wasn't Behe's argument, for example. Might have been
> someone else's. But who? You are probably correct that someone out there
> does make such a claim but why does that matter? I'd be willing to bet that
> it isn't anti-evolutionists who make this claim about complexity, but the
> anti-anti-evolutionists (who arent the same thing as pro-evolutionists,
> whatever that might be) who are putting words into the mouths of
> anti-evolutionists.

ID-type arguments that claim that the genetic code contains
information and that new information cannot be generated except by an
intelligent agent (Steve Meyers says this from time to time, for
example) are contradicted by this, not to mention plenty of other
similar data.

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