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I hope I didn't do the author a disservice by plugging his book this way --so
don't get me wrong; he won't be settling all the big Scriptural interpretation
questions for you. While he isn't attempting any theological treatise, he does
address the big Theodicy questions and evil in the world. The powerful message
I saw regarded how all our doctrines, rules, institutions (including religion
--including even Christianity!) are distracting us from what really matters:
*relationship* with God in Christ. There will be red flags for those who are
concerned about doctrinal purity in popular fiction. Hence the mixed reviews it
has apparently received among the Christian community. But ironically, it may
be those very folks who are most in need of the powerful message in the story.
If you enjoy story narratives in any way or form, and get high on themes of
redemption, you won't put this one down easily.


Quoting "Dehler, Bernie" <>:

> I'll have to see the book- because I want to know what he has to say about
> the trees!!!

starting from p. 134;

"I've never given it much thought, really," said Mack, intrigued by the
direction their chat was taking. "So was there really an actual garden? I
mean, Eden and all that?"

"Of course. I told you I have a thing for gardens."

"That's going to bother some people. There are lots of people who think it was
only a myth."

"Well, their mistake isn't fatal. Rumors of glory are often hidden inside of
what many consider myths and tales."

"Oh, I've got some friends who are not going to like this," Mack observed, as he
wrestled with a particularly stubborn root.

[God speaking] "No matter, I myself am very fond of them."

"I'm so surprised," Mack said a little sarcastically, and smiled... So tell
me about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

 <end of excerpt>

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