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Date: Fri Jan 09 2009 - 14:49:28 EST

FYI- one person said "All derived from the hydrogen of the big bang."

Interesting, and overall true. However- there's something more interesting in more detail. How could a VW Bug be evolutionary related to a pig? For example, I'm related to my brother because we have the same mom that gave birth to us. How is there an evolutionary relationship between the car and pig? The answer lies in some unique evolutionary formulations from Dawkins. Think about how they might be related as cousins, etc., not just simply as a direct line.

The answer "All derived from the hydrogen of the big bang" is more of an answer to "What is the lowest common denominator of these two."

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I got this riddle in dream (actually saw this similar powerpoint slide). See the picture below. If you can't see the picture in email, see the pdf file here:

I got the question in a dream, and answered it in a dream. After awakening, I clarified the question.

I'll post my answer in a few days. I'd like to see if anyone gets the same answer or has a better one.



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