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Bernie wrtoe:

> A questions about the 'scientism' worldview (science is the only
> reality). (I'm dealing with an atheist like that.)
> If a person says they accept only 'science,' should they have a
> logical issue with evolution since there is no scientific
> understanding of how biological life can arise from non-life? Seems
> like abiogenesis is a 'belief' based on the evidence indicated by
> science in general, yet the atheist I'm dealing with claims to have
> "no beliefs of any kind."

Just a few very brief comments.

Firstly, the fundamental assertion of biological evolution is common
descent. The validity of common descent is in no way dependent on a
resolution to the question of the origin of life.

Secondly, origin of life research has made significant advances and
greatly enlarged our understanding of a number of critical biochemical
and geological problems. I see no reason why origin of life research
will not continue to be fruitful. I also would not be surprised that
some very plausible scenarios for the origin of life will be eventually
forthcoming. The development of a consensus theory would in no way
threaten the Christian theology.

Lastly, the rejection of the existence of God, or of a personal Creator
God, is a theological claim. Science is not the arbiter of this
question. The question must be argued and defended on
theological/philosophical grounds. Atheism, or any religious or
non-religious claim is a metaphysical claim. "Nature is the only
reality" is a metaphysical claim and must be defended as such. Failure
to do so is making no argument at all.


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