RE: [asa] scientism question

From: Jon Tandy <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 13:54:04 EST

"Science is the only reality" (actually, since science is basically a field
of study, this should be more correctly represented as "Nature is the only
reality") - either this is a self-evident fact, or it is a belief, or it's a
reasonable deduction that can be derived from facts. So how does he prove
that this assertion isn't a belief? Unless he knows all things about
everything, he has no way to conclusively rule out the existence of anything


Is matter eternal, or is it created? If it's eternal, what evidence can he
give to prove (without resorting to a belief system) that matter has always


Jon Tandy


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Subject: [asa] scientism question


A questions about the 'scientism' worldview (science is the only reality).
(I'm dealing with an atheist like that.)


If a person says they accept only 'science,' should they have a logical
issue with evolution since there is no scientific understanding of how
biological life can arise from non-life? Seems like abiogenesis is a
'belief' based on the evidence indicated by science in general, yet the
atheist I'm dealing with claims to have "no beliefs of any kind."



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