RE: [asa] How to respond to a YEC's version of "science"

From: gordon brown <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Tue Jan 06 2009 - 12:37:41 EST

On Tue, 6 Jan 2009, Dehler, Bernie wrote:

> Hi Paul-
> I would agree with him that "a day = a day." The literal way is the best way to take it. However, from science we know that the world/universe was not created as the Bible literally says. Therefore, a different hermeneutic must be used to understand it. Lemoureux supplies this by saying there are three parts to concordism: theological, scientific, and historical. Only the theologic holds. The science and history is incidental, but also important as a vehicle to carry the theological message.

The Hebrew understanding of the literal meaning of day (yom) is the period
from one sunset to the next. Thus a truly literal interpretation of
Genesis 1 would have God beginning to create at sunset on Saturday, which
is impossible, and even the author would have realized this. This is one
consideration that caused early Christian writers such as Augustine to
puzzle over the meaning of the days of the creation account.

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

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