[asa] How to respond to a YEC's version of "science"

From: Paul Bruggink <paul.bruggink1@gmail.com>
Date: Tue Jan 06 2009 - 10:23:19 EST

I just had a Facebook dialogue with a YEC who is a member of the same
Baptist church that I am. It started with him all pumped up about Ken Ham's
Creation Museum, which he had just seen while visiting his brother, who is a
lead artist for the museum. I had been proposing that Genesis 1 is God
accommodatng his message to the Israelites, a la Gordon Glover's "Beyond the
Firmamant," etc. It ended with this Facebook comment from him:

"Agreed that the Bible doesn't "teach science". Rather science explains what
the Bible sets out. Again, that's what AIG does. The science is there, man.
It's just not the one sided research & filtered science with which we've all
been inundated. While neither of us would reject the gospel, I'm leary of a
theory that rejects other parts of the Bible. That's where we diverge.
Moreover, I believe the Bible does tell us how God created. He spoke it into
existence. I buy the "a day = a day" theory, especially when the Bible
asserts it and science backs it up. Again this is what AIG does. Thanks for
the banter. Talk to U later."

The facebook dialogue is over, but I'm reasonably certain that I'll have an
opportunity to continue the discussion face-to-face or some other way in the
near future. Any suggestions as to how to respond in a useful way?

Paul Bruggink, ASA Member

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