[asa] Green algae could save the world from global warming

From: Lynn Walker <lynn.wlkr@gmail.com>
Date: Mon Jan 05 2009 - 10:27:18 EST

The comments so far are priceless. :)

Some comments:

"The earth has been trying to kill us for thousands of years. Fires, floods,
earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, volcanos, drought, etc. I don't trust

"Obamamessiah hasn't even been sworn into office yet and already the forces
of nature are obeying him as he promised."

"Oh no! And just when, in a breathtaking leap of faith, the Church of
England has invested 150 million pounds with Generation Investment
Management, the green fund started by Al Gore."

*Amazing discovery of green algae which could save the world from global
warming *By Jo Macfarlane

*Key scientific comment:* "Lead researcher Professor Rob Raiswell, from
Leeds University, said:* "The Earth itself seems to want to save us."*



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